Our Yachts

Princess Flybridge 45'

The Princess flybridge luxury motor yacht offers the best outdoor entertaining space combined with spacious cockpits, luxurious saloons and superb cabin layouts. These boats have been recognised for their excellence by industry experts. 

Over the years, Princess flybridge yachts have been been awarded Motor Boat of the Year Awards along with numerous accolades from Motor Boat and Yachting and Motor Boats Monthly magazines. 

You're sure to leave a great impression in your wake when you're out on the water on the Princess.

High Adrenaline Jet Rib

Want something a little extra on your day? We partner with hand picked high powered rib owners who will give you a thrilling ride on their 200 horse power rib.

This exhilarating RIB experience will certainly wake you up! You will be kitted out in your lifejackets (just in case!) before boarding. A sedate ride out to sea will lure you into a false sense of security as suddenly the engines are released and off you go, screaming along the English coastline. Taking the best of the Hamble River, Bramble Bank, and Henry VIII’s Calshot Castle - but let’s be honest, you probably won’t have time to take in the scenery or get those cameras out.

Other Motor Yachts in the fleet

We have access many other boats that have joined the Sea Style group. If you require something a little larger, a little smaller, a little faster, we can source a boat to suit your needs. Simply get in touch to tell us what you want and leave the rest to the Sea Style team.